About me

Growing up in Brisbane, Australia all my life, I've been fortunate enough to undertake a great deal of travel, both domestically and locally. With family, we've driven to every capital city in Australia, I've been on six different cruises to the South Pacific region and New Zealand and have twice been to the United States.

Whilst the majority of this holidaying did occur before I discovered my love of photography, it has given me a great desire for travel and helped form an ever growing list of locations I'd love to return to and photograph.

Around 2006 I visited my first theme park that I can remember. It was my sister that convinced me to ride the (now removed) Corkscrew rollercoaster at Sea World on the Gold Coast. That was the start of a mild obsession with theme parks and roller coasters to the point where my wife and I (who I might add hates rides) planned our entire USA holiday around visiting certain theme parks. 

Since playing around with cheap film cameras as a kid and moving on to very basic digital cameras (Kodak EasyShare C series circa 2005) I slowly built an interest in photography but it always remained a seemingly too expensive hobby.

After biting the bullet and purchasing my first Canon PowerShot camera, I started to focus more on my photography and learning new techniques. Several years, several cameras and several thousand dollars more than what I probably should have spent later, I now shoot with a Canon 5D MkIII. 

Combining my love of photography and theme parks has led me to meet some amazing people and develop friendships which I hope to last a lifetime.